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Nicholas Kyriacopoulos: World's Top 10 Luxury Alcohol Brands

Nicholas Kyriacopoulos: World's Top 10 Luxury Alcohol Brands 

There’s something relaxing about enjoying a good glass of wine, a stein of beer, or even a quality alcohol neat. Along with personal satisfaction, the best luxury alcohol brands can make great gifts to customers, business colleagues and close friends. If you’re wondering what the current top luxury alcohol brands happen to be, Nicholas Kyriacopoulos has some recommendations. Consider how these would work for you. 

Château Petrus 

As a Bordeaux wine, Château Petrus is made using the Merlot grape. What some may not know is the soil makes quite a difference. The clay found in the soil is unlike the clay found anywhere else in the world. This is the type of wine that Nicholas Kyriacopoulos and others with discriminating tastes would gladly enjoy with a meal or even as something to savour at the end of a busy day. 

Château Lafite Rothschild 

Hailing from a wine estate found in the Pauillac region of the Médoc, Château Lafite Rothschild is noted for a bouquet that’s distinctive and considered highly pleasing to the senses. The balance and smoothness of the wine makes it a wonderful pairing with many types of foods, or as something to enjoy when you have friends over for an evening enjoying the stars and the breeze. You can bet that professionals like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos keep a bottle on hand. 

Dom Perignon 

It’s hard to imagine anyone who hasn’t heard of Dom Perignon. As one of the world’s vintage champagnes, it’s produced by the House of Moët & Chandon and is considered one of the most full-bodied options for special occasions. From romantic dinners for two to celebrating anniversaries, you can bet that people of taste like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos will seek Dom Perignon out when a celebration is in order. 

L’or De Jean Martell 

What’s your opinion of cognac? Before you answer, try L’or De Jean Martell and see what you think. Many aficionados like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos find that the richness and sheer power make it something to look forward to. The presence of more than 400 rare and precious eaux-de-vie is one of the reasons why you haven’t truly had cognac until you’ve tried this one. 

Louis XIII 

Produced in the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, Louis XIII is another example of cognac that includes the presence of multiple eaux-de-vie that have been allowed to age. As an 80-proof cognac, it certainly delivers on effect as well as a rich taste. This is also the type of spirits that people like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos will seek out for special events. 


For those seeking the best in scotch, finding anything that will compare to Macallan is difficult if not impossible. Many consider it to be second only to Glenfiddich, while others consider it to be superior. Whatever your stance, there’s no getting around the fact that is is one of the best choices if you prefer your scotch need or over the rocks. It’s also sad to create the type of scotch and soda beverages that many professionals like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos choose for informal business gatherings. 


One of the merits of Meritage red and white wines is that they are made using a minimum of two types of grapes found on a short list of possibilities. At no time is the wine made using more than 90% of any one grape variety. Knowing for smoothness and being a great choice for tastings as well as pairing with entrees at mealtime, you can bet that connoisseurs like

Nicholas Kyriacopoulos will have a bottle or two on hand. 


The silvery gold of Perrier-Jouët makes it one of the most beautiful options for champagne in the world. It doesn’t hurt that the colour is only exceeded by the pleasing taste that is sure to leave a smile on the lips of anyone who tries it. The combination of rich floral aromas paired with hints of fruit, vanilla and brioche make it a winner that Nicholas Kyriacopoulos is happy to recommend. 

Richard Hennessy 

Known for the rich amber colour and the smooth taste that makes it a joy to imbibe, Richard Hennessy cognac is among the oldest found on this list of luxury alcohol brands. The blend of spices paired with hints of fruit and a taste that comes from careful care in oak casks makes all the difference. This is the type of cognac that people like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos would be happy to present to clients. 

Ron Zacapa 

A good rum is hard to find. When it comes to Ron Zacapa, you’ve found a great one. Aged in double-charred oak casks for at least six years, the enjoyable taste of a mix of cinnamon, caramel, vanilla, and dark cherries is equal to the pleasant bouquet that conjures images of toasted oak, nuts, caramel, and orange peels. This is a rum you can mix with anything, but you may be tempted to forget the mixes. You can bet Nicholas Kyriacopoulos would love to receive this as a gift. 

What’s your pleasure? Hard liquor, wine, beer, and other spirits abound in today’s market. If you want something that provides the bouquet that you seek, is smooth going down, and is sure to please a discriminating crowd, try these luxury brands. As Nicholas Kyriacopoulos can confirm, you won’t be disappointed.


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