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5 Crazy Myths About Private Jets You Should Ignore

Most people only see private jets when spoiled brats post about them on social media. It's sad because it turns you against them. You've probably developed a deep resentment for anyone who hires a plane to travel from A to B. 

Who says you won't end up hiring a private jet in the future? You probably don't think it's possible due to certain myths that won't disappear. Let's discuss a few of the big myths you should start to ignore. 

1. You Need To Be A Millionaire 

The cost of private jets has dropped over the years, so you don't need to be a millionaire to hire one. You could afford the best private jets in Canada and the United States, but it will get more expensive when you head abroad. 

Maybe you'll have a bunch of friends that can chip in when you're going on a trip together. Use your wedding money to hire one when you go on your honeymoon. If you phone a private jet company, they'll be happy to give you a quote. 

2. It's Hard To Book A Private Jet 

I know it's easy to book a seat on a commercial plane, but it's easy to book a private jet too. You'll only spend a while, in the beginning, choosing the right charter company. It gets much easier from the second flight onwards. 

Just call them up and say what you need. Someone will be on hand to cater to all your needs. You'll know when to arrive at the airport, when you'll take off, and what time you're likely to touch down. 

3. Commercial Flights Are Much Safer 

Do you think commercial planes are safer because they're bigger? In reality, it's just as safe to fly in a private jet. Smaller planes can fly lower to the ground, so you'll likely avoid the turbulence that worries you. 

Research private jet charter companies before deciding which one to fly with. Safety is going to come down to the qualifications/experience of pilots and the condition of the planes you'll fly on. 

4. You Need Your Own Private Jet 

If you have your own private jet, you'll have lots of flexibility. But renting a private jet is just as flexible these days. Companies have a large fleet of aircraft and many qualified pilots, so it feels like owning your own plane. 

It's not really worth having your own one today unless you're a billionaire who flies non-stop. You'll save money in the long run by hiring private jets. It's even possible to book one at the last minute. 

5. Private Jets Can't Fly As Fast 

Some small jets can fly as fast as passenger planes, but it will depend on which one you're on. I wouldn't worry too much about the top speed of your private jet. Even if it is slower, you will get to destinations faster. 

You don't need to waste time sitting around in the airport before you go, and once you land you'll be on your way almost straight away. It's also possible to fly to smaller airports closer to where you want to go. 

Give Someone A Call 

You don't need to fly on private jets multiple times per year, but it's something you should put on your bucket list.


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